Monday, June 29, 2015

Water Series Progress

I've always been attracted to water and have long favored it as a painting subject. If on a boat or actually in the water I love to stare down, up close, fascinated by its ever changing, moving patterns. Cropped from surroundings, devoid of context, close water views become abstract. Design and composition options are endless. I studied stacks of my water photos, cropped and enlarged a about a dozen or so. From those, I finally selected five shots, both for their diversity and their common ground. Colors are alike because all of these paintings stem from photos taken on the same day at around the same time.

Five 18x18 canvases on a wall in my studio.

Continuing now with three different blues... Cerulean, Ultlramarine and one called Aqua Blue. I love how they stand out bold in contrast to the orange ground.

I will next get into some neutral tones as a contrast in general to blue vs. orange and black vs. white. The orange ground will still play an important part. 


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