Monday, February 4, 2013

I live in southwest Florida and have enjoyed many boat rides along the Inter Coastal Waterway near my home. "Dazed" captures a view of one of my favorite places near the mouth of one a pass into the Gulf of Mexico. Instead of looking out over the Gulf, I aimed my camera toward the entrance of a place known locally as "Ski Alley" (popular place to water ski) , running along the east side of Manasota Key. Depths are shallow and against a white sand bottom, your can see everything below. One day while drifting along fishing, we actually spotted a seahorse moving with the current. I love it there because the water stays calm and it always feels peaceful. The water is also beautifully clear. On a sunny day it sparkles with brilliant reflections, making for excellent references for my favorite subject matter.

1 comment:

  1. Caroline, Nice job of 'sparkling water'. Was this done in acrylics or oils?
    Thanks also for describing the vision of the water and the surroundings. Just have to close my eyes and imagine this.